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Owen and Sandy Johnson,
About a year and half ago we purchased a house from Brent Ence. We didn’t know his reputation at the time we were just extremely impressed by the quality of construction, attention to detail, additional amenities and forethought that went into a spec home. Even the allowances for counter tops, appliances and fixtures were far above builder grade.

The day we moved into our new home Brent was there to help us move. That is when we got to really know Brent. After the sale, Brent became a regular visitor checking on our satisfaction and if we had any problem or detail that needed to be addressed. For example, he would check on our rooftop after a rain to see that everything was intact. He was around checking the drainage system and the doors. Nothing had to be done but, he wanted to make certain.

A year later we asked Brent to close in an area of the garage to make an additional room. Originally, when he built the home he had planned for just such a request because he had actually framed in a doorway inside the wall and had added a heat vent to the area just in the eventuality that someone would make the request for additional space. We were amazed at how easy the process became just because he had planned for it.

We purchased this home as a second home and have been so taken with the Kayenta Lifestyle that we are now looking to make this area permanent. The best recommendation that we can give is that we are talking to Brent about building our next home.

We feel fortunate that Brent Ence was our builder. He is not only a man of character but he always goes far beyond what is required. He is there when we need his help and we know that we can count on him. We highly recommend Brent Ence as a builder and feel you would feel fortunate for the experience of working with him.

W. & S. Dinter,
Brent Ence has been a pleasure to work with during the building of our Kayenta home. He has been on-site during every aspect of the construction project, a process that has moved along efficiently and on budget. He is a local with good connections and rapport with his quality team of sub-contractors that show up on schedule. We have appreciated Brent’s valuable input and easy going manner which has made building our new home an enjoyable experience.
Joel Bingham, Skylere Bingham, Susan Williams,
Brent built my home in the first half of this year, and I could not be more pleased with the quality of the construction, the ease in working with him as a builder, and having final payment come in about 8% under budget.

When you build a home, many construction details require you to ask for advice. Every piece of guidance I got from Brent was perfect. As a result, I have no regrets or second thoughts about any aspect of my home. Brent’s expertise served me well. Others who have chosen Brent feel exactly the same way.

When you are looking for medical doctor, nurses can give you the best information about who does the best work and who are the nice physicians to work with. When you are looking for a builder, the sub contractors know who works well with them and the new home owner. All the “subs” that worked on my home had the highest praise for Brent. They do their best for him. That translates into you getting the highest possible quality of workmanship.

All I can say is, “Go with Brent.” You’ll be fully satisfied with your home and love the building process. He makes it both easy and fun.

Ron Smith,
We had Sagewood Homes build our home in Kayenta in 2013/2014. We found Brent Ence very professional but also very kind and caring. He represented us well throughout the entire process including interface with the Architect, City of Ivins, contractors and the Taviawk ACC. Our desire was to have a builder that is not too passive but also not overbearing, we found Brent right in the middle. Brent is true to his word, and his time estimates and cost estimates were exactly correct. He stayed with us past move-in to be sure all small issues were taken care of. We would definitely recommend Sagewood Homes for your project.
Bob and Victoria Basque - Shinava Dr,